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6 Tips for a Mistake-Free Skylight Installation


Installing a skylight can transform both the appearance and the vibe of a building, not solely because it potentiates additional natural lighting, but also because it enables the inhabitants to enjoy a more natural environment. Unfortunately, the transformation might go in the wrong direction, especially if the installation of the skylight is performed poorly. Thus, read the following lines and learn about the tips for a mistake-free skylight installation we have prepared for you to take into consideration and make your venture as successful as possible.

1. Adequate Positioning

Unfortunately, placing a skylight at a random place in your roof or ceiling would not be such a good idea, especially if the only criteria you follow is of aesthetic nature. Namely, even though you should worry about where your skylight-to-be would fit ideally, you should also figure out how much sunlight would you be able to gather from the selected position.

We are sure that you are aware that the Sun changes its movement over the year, so we recommend you assess where you should position the sunlight in accordance with your roof’s sun exposure. The aim should be to gather as many hours of sunshine as possible, so make sure you do the calculations right and coordinate them with the interior of the room to make the most of the enhancement.

2. Sun or Air, or Sun and Air

living room with skylight and natural light

Even though people decide to install skylights in order to introduce more natural lighting into the environment, you should not overlook other positive features this venture might bring. Namely, a skylight can be a great addition to your ventilation system, if you have one since an opening at your roof or ceiling might potentiate faster air exchange and enable you to air your space out more easily.

Surely, if you do not use a vent system, this upgrade will enable you to enjoy new conditions even more, so make sure you estimate which shape and size would meet your wants and needs perfectly. That way, you will not only provide more sunshine to the room but also more clean air.

3. Interior and Exterior Make the Whole

Do bear in mind that drilling a hole in your rooftop will significantly change the appearance of the building, both on the inside and the outside. Thus, pay attention to how big of a change you want and how feasible the enhancement you intend on performing actually is. Even though the upgrade you desire might be the perfect solution for the interior, do not overlook the fact that the exterior appearance also matters and will affect the value of the real estate.

Now, the aforementioned should not discourage you, since a quality envisaged project and a skylight installation might even increase the value of your house. The point we are trying to make is that you should take both the interior functionality and the exterior outline into consideration before you engage in the realization of the project.

4. To DIY or not to DIY

installing new skylight

We are aware of how popular the DIY niche is, and the truth is that it is on a rapidly growing trend that seems to be going nowhere but straight upward. You can find DIY guides and instruction videos all over the Internet, and a vast majority of them appear too easy to perform to be true. The truth is they probably are.

We are not trying to discourage you from trying to install your own skylight. Quite the opposite, we say you go for it, but only if you are 100% sure that you have what it takes to execute the project from the beginning to the end. That implies you have all the necessary tools and that you know how to use them.

On one hand, if you are positive about your craftsmanship and have all the gadgets, we urge you to give it a try. Just bear in mind that additional repairs might cost you more than the whole project’s price tag would be if you would have left it to the professionals in the first place. Nobody enjoys correcting other people’s mistakes for free, so figure out whether skylight installation on your own is a good idea or not.

5. Check the Roof

skylight installation

Even though you might be willing to spend a top buck for a new skylight, the installation on a worn-out rooftop would be utterly wrong. Thus, make sure you check the state of your roof and figure out whether you need to get it fixed or its condition is satisfactory. Placing a skylight on a decaying surface could make your project meaningless and only cause additional damage that will squeeze more money out of your pocket.

6. More Is Less

Nowadays, the world has become one global market, so you can choose to buy goods from anywhere you want within a few clicks if you consider it a good bargain. Unfortunately, when purchasing skylights and accompanying materials necessary for the installation are in question, we advise you to shop locally. The catch is that you cannot expect any of your potential complaints to be accepted within a short period if you were dealing with a company at the other end of the world.

Also, do try to realize that this type of venture is not something one does now and then, so doing it the way it should be done is what you should have at the top of your list of priorities. If that means spending a few bucks more on a quality selection we advise you to go for it without thinking. A few more bucks from your pocket now might deliver an additional decade of enjoyment backed up by quality skylight.

Final thoughts 

Who would have thought that skylight installation requires so much prior knowledge? Hopefully, the aforementioned tips and tricks for a mistake-free skylight installation will prove their usefulness and help you make the most of your venture. One way or another, we are sure you will enjoy your new skylight to the fullest, especially if you decide to follow some of the pieces of suggestions listed above.

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