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Triple Glazed skylights tend to have a better U-Value and Noise Resistance.

What this means is that a triple glazed skylight will have better noise reduction properties if you live in a noisy area.

The lower U-Value benefit of them is that they have less heat loss. So if you plan on having a larger skylight or more than one skylight on your extension letting in more natural light we would recommend going for triple as it will save you on your energy bills and lose less heat.

Double Glazed Skylights tend to be lighter in weight and easier for installations however they are not as good on heat loss and noise reduction as triple.

This all depends on the size of your new loft or extension roof. The skylight or skylights need to be positioned in such a way as to allow a maximum amount of light in the areas you want. Not forgetting leaving space for ceiling lights. Wall lights may be an option if a larger skylight is your main priority.

The larger the skylight the more natural light and panoramic views you will have. As London is mostly cloudy and we lack sunshine through out most of the year, we recommend going for a bigger size skylight or more than one skylight as this will save you turning on your lights through out the day. The deeper and longer your extension the less light you will have throughout the day if skylights are not installed.

The largest size skylight we could make would have to be a custom order and be quoted for in advance for approval by you. However the size we could make is 4500 x 2000 mm this is the max as above this size transportation and weight tends to become specialised.

It is important to have your skylight installed at a slight angle relative to the horizon to allow water to run off the glass and avoid pooling. We recommend setting the rooflight at an angle of 6°. It is worth it to spend a few extra minutes before applying the silicone to run a water test.

Yes you may as long as you follow our Instruction Manual and have some basic DIY skills to create a solid supported roof opening for our skylight to sit on.

Yes, you could. You will need some basic DIY skills and tools and you can always call our highly skilled technical support team for further guidance if necessary.

According to building regulations, the maximum allowable Ug-value for windows, rooflights and glazed doors is 1.4 W/m²K.

We offer Double and Triple Glazed Units.

Yes you can have them installed once your skylight is fitted.

Аs the installation of blinds behind the glazing increases the risk of Thermal Stress Glass Breakage, we advise you to install the blinds at a min. distance of 150 mm from the glass.

They are all popular options for introducing daylight into your living areas. In short, difference is:

As per BS EN 14351-1:2010, A roof window is a roof glazing installed in the same orientation and ‘in plane’ with the surrounding roof, typically at a minimum 15° pitch.

“Skylight” and “Rooflight” are generic terms and you can see the same product with either of those names. They both refer to roof glazing for a ‘flat roof’ installed on an upstand, and are not in the same plane as the surrounding roof.

This depends on the type of skylight that you choose.

We recommend going for triple glazed for optimum sound insulation, which helps to minimise any rain noise.

The more panes of glass the better the noise resistance and the greater the distance between each glass the better your sound insulation will be. All our skylights are designed with these factors in mind.

Offering triple and double-glazed with 6mm toughened safety glass as standard and a generous 15mm gap between the panes, minimises the noise. All bottom panes of glass on both double and triple glazed units are 8mm thick reducing noise to maximum.

All our prices are online. Discounts may apply if you have been given a brochure with a discount code and payments can be made through our secure payment methods.

As long as we have it in stock you will receive your order within 3 – 6 working days from when your order has been placed, unless you are located within the M25 London area-then you have 2 delivery options (economic and express delivery) at the checkout. If it is not in stock, please do not hesitate to contact us as our stock is updated weekly.

Yes we do however you will have to contact us so we can place your order via phone or email as the price we have online is only for products sold within London M25.

Yes you are more than welcome once you have made payment please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email so we can arrange someone to prepare this for you.

All products must be paid for in advance.

We offer a 20 year seal warranty on all our skylights.

The maximum size we can produce is 1500 x 3500mm by custom order with extended lead time.

They may be different types:

  • Frameless
  • Framed with a metal, plastic or timber frame all around;
  • With no visible frame-frame hidden under the glazing unit;

We provide frameless and aluminium-framed skylights.

According to the ‘Planning Portal’:

“You do not normally need to apply for planning permission to re-roof your house or to insert roof lights or skylights as the permitted development rules allow for roof alterations subject to the following limits and conditions”.

  • Any alteration to project no more than 150 millimetres from the existing roof plane.
  • No alteration to be higher than the highest part of the roof.

However it’s better to check for your particular case.