Custom Size Skylight

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Oversized Skylight 300 – 5800mm

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Walk-On Skylight 300 – 3000mm

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Framed Walk-On Skylight 300 – 3000mm

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Custom Size – Electric Opening Skylight

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Custom Size – Framed Skylight

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Circular Skylight Calculator

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Triangular Skylight Calculator

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Modular Skylight Calculator

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Electric Skylight Blinds for Pitched & Flat Windows

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Manual Skylight Blinds

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Welcome to Our Custom Skylight Calculators

At Saris-Extensions, we understand that every skylight project is unique, and we are dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions. Our range of custom skylight calculators enables you to design and visualize skylights that suit your specific needs and preferences. Explore our diverse selection of calculators to find the perfect fit for your project:

Flat Roof Calculators

Ideal for flat-roofed buildings, our Flat Roof Calculators allow you to design skylights that seamlessly integrate into the architectural lines of your space. Achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic while maximizing natural light flow.

Pitched Roof Calculators

If your building has a pitched roof, our Pitched Roof Calculators are designed to help you create skylights that harmonize with the roof’s slope. Optimize sunlight penetration and enhance the visual appeal of your space with these customized skylights.

Walk-On Skylight Calculators

For spaces that require skylights strong enough to bear weight, our Walk-On Skylight Calculators provide the solution. Design skylights that allow you to enjoy natural light while creating a functional and safe area to walk or lounge upon.

Framed Skylight Calculators

Looking for skylights with a framed design? Our Framed Skylight Calculators allow you to customize skylights with various frame styles, materials, and finishes. Achieve a perfect balance of form and function while bringing natural light into your space.

Electric Openable Calculators

Experience the convenience of electrically operated skylights with our Electric Openable Calculators. Design skylights that provide ventilation and control over airflow with the touch of a button. Enjoy the fresh air and improved comfort in your space effortlessly.

Custom Skylight Electrical Blinds

Enhance the functionality and privacy of your skylights with our Custom Skylight Electrical Blinds. Our calculator enables you to select the perfect blinds that fit your skylight dimensions, materials, and operating mechanisms. Achieve light control and privacy at your fingertips.

Design Your Perfect Skylight: Unleash Creativity with Custom Size Options

Embrace the power of customization and transform your space with skylights that are tailored to your requirements. Use our custom skylight calculators to design, visualize, and obtain accurate measurements and pricing information for your project. Please note that our calculators are designed to provide initial estimations and reference points. For more detailed guidance, personalized assistance, or to proceed with your purchase, our knowledgeable team is ready to support you at every stage. Discover the possibilities with our custom skylight calculators and bring natural light into your space with style and precision. As well as standard sizes, we offer bespoke, custom-made-to-measure sizes, ranging from 500 mm up to 5800 mm. We have online calculators on our website, created exclusively to give you the option to choose your own size to accommodate specific size openings. The two types of calculators will give you the freedom to choose from non-standard sizing and to fit in with bigger requirements. Custom Skylight calculator starts at 500 mm up to 3000 mm in size. You could easily add the preferred overhang measurements and choose from Clear, Blue, or Green tint. The Oversized Skylight calculator can accommodate between 300 mm and 5800 mm in size for a modern, sleek look.

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