Fixed Frameless SkyLights

Our skylights come Triple Glazed which provides you with better noise reduction and lower U-Value than standard double-glazed windows that our competitors provide. As we are manufacturing our Skylights from our own factory, this means we offer some of the best prices on the market.

Whether you’re renovating your home or building new homes, skylights add a sleek and luxurious statement to any room. Natural light floods your room during the day, it makes any small or big space bright and welcoming. By night, it creates a beautiful stargazing feature for you and your family to enjoy.

We have a friendly Customer Support Team available who are on hand and trained to answer all questions. Whether they be small queries about delivery to information about the installation of our skylights, we are here for you from start to finish.

With Free Delivery within London (M25), Nationwide Delivery and a 20-year warranty on all our products, why shop anywhere else?


Homebuilding projects and home renovation projects benefit from these beautiful lighting designs and skylight accessories:
- Better Quality of Light
- Natural daylight is better for your health – promotes faster recovery after illness or operations
- Daylight provides better aesthetics, better colour, better definition of space and architectural details

skylight (sometimes called a roof light) is a light-transmitting glass window structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. A fixed skylight consists of a structural perimeter frame supporting glazing infill (the light-transmitting portion, which is made primarily of glass). A fixed skylight is non-operable.

Before selecting a skylight for your home, determine what size of skylights will work best and where to place them to optimise their contribution to your home’s daylighting.

  • Triple Glazed SkyLights provide better cold and heat protection.
  • Triple Glazing means better noise insulation.
  • Triple Glazing reduces condensation.
  • Triple Glazing reduces energy consumption.
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