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Three Decades of Skylight Expertise

At Saris-Extensions, we pride ourselves on delivering skylights that blend architectural quality with exceptional durability. With over 30 years of experience, our expertise is evident in every skylight window we offer, tailored to meet both aesthetic and practical needs. Our range includes triple-glazed roof glass, available both off-the-shelf and customized to your specifications. We extend our commitment to personalized customer service, ensuring that each client receives the guidance needed to select the perfect product.

Trust our family-operated business to enhance your space with beautifully crafted skylights at competitive prices.


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Saris-Extensions Solutions

Explore a world of skylight options tailored for your living area.

Discover the brilliance of Saris-Extensions. Premium skylights for dream spaces. Infuse your home with natural light.

Nationwide UK Delivery

We proudly offer comprehensive nationwide delivery across the United Kingdom, ensuring that our skylights reach every corner of the country quickly and securely.

UK Compliance Assured

Each of our skylights is UK CA certified, meeting the highest standards of safety and quality. This certification ensures that our products are rigorously tested and verified.

Two Decades of Warranty

Our skylights come with a 20-year warranty, ensuring long-term durability and satisfaction. This warranty covers defects and performance, providing you with assurance and support for decades.

Custom Skylight Solutions Tailored for Every Roof

At Saris-Extensions, we understand that each skylight installation is as unique as the spaces they illuminate. Our comprehensive range of custom skylight calculators allows you to craft skylights perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Whether you need a Fixed Frameless Skylight Calculator for seamless integration into modern designs, a Framed Skylight Calculator for structured aesthetics, a Walk-On Calculator for load-bearing solutions, Electric Openable Skylight Calculators for added convenience, or a Blinds Calculator to complement your setup, we have the tools to precisely tailor each skylight to your specific requirements and roofing conditions.

Dive into our world of custom solutions and discover skylights that align perfectly with your vision.

Extended Warranty Accessories

Installation Accessories

Foam Rope – Structural Glazing Tape – 9mm Thick (7.5m Rolls)

Original price was: £19.38.Current price is: £19.19. incl. VAT

Weatherproofing Sealant ( Sillicon ) – DOWSIL™ 791, 310ml

Original price was: £16.09.Current price is: £15.93. incl. VAT

Lead Flashing Smooth 450mm x 5m Roll Grey – Easy-Trim

Original price was: £101.43.Current price is: £100.42. incl. VAT

Lead Flashing Textured 450mm x 5m Roll Grey – Easy-Trim

Original price was: £101.43.Current price is: £100.42. incl. VAT

Self-Cleaning Liquid Smart Glass Bottle 15ml

Original price was: £19.90.Current price is: £19.30. incl. VAT

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