Skylight installation: how to fit on a pitched roof?

Transparent glass roof on top of a modern building

If you have not had experience in installing skylight yourself, we advise you not to do it yourself since many things can go wrong. Hire a reputable company that will meet all your expectations. Whether you plan to do this work yourself or seek professional help, it is important to be well informed. You can read all the details of the installation, challenges and everything else in the rest of the text.

Keep in mind that the biggest challenge is definitely the type of roof on which you need to place the window, because it will direct the further course of the installation. That is why it is important to prepare for this process. Pitched roof is a great base for this window, because it will make the light flow even better. All you need to do is install the roof windows properly.

Permits and regulations for rooflights

Before covering the benefits of installing a rooflight we will take a look into the usual proceedings required to even start working on one. After all, some factors can determine how we approach the process of building a roof light. Among other factors, it’s important to know that there are differences between implementing a roof light on an existing extension and building a new extension altogether. This factor will greatly impact how we tackle the entire process of installing a roof light.

If the rooflight is to be set up in an existing area that we’ve prepared for the already established extension you’ll need to check a few things. The required permission is very important to check as lack of one can get you in legal trouble. Check whether your current building permit covers roof lights in any capacity, if it doesn’t you may have to get a separate permit. After you have that figured out, make sure to check building regulations in relation to roof lights. There could be considerable regulations attached to the project and knowing them beforehand allows us to skip any potential issues. Not adhering to regulations compromises safety, because building a roof light means altering the structure of the roof.

When making a new extension you’ll require a new permit. Along with that, your project will require professionals who’ll make sure the whole process is correctly executed. Cooperating with them is the best way to get what you want while following all regulations and limitations. You should also use this opportunity to capitalize on making your roof light the best it can be.

Types of roofs

Don’t forget the face that not all roofs are the same. This means that each of them will require different skylights and installation. Also, some roofs are simply not able to support skylights. For example, stick-framed roofs are the type of roof that is suitable for these windows. They will provide you with enough space to complete your task. In that case truss-framed roofs are not the best option for you. Even if your expert would approve this project. you would end up with a very small window that could not give you the right amount of light you need.


When it comes to glazing, you need to know one thing. Glass is not the only option available. Since the windows can consist of different frames, you can choose between wooden, metal or something else. You can opt for plastic or glass skylight glazing. To be sure which glass is best for you, it is important to be familiar with their characteristics. For example, glass glazing is a heavier and more expensive option than plastic. However, it is a much better choice, because it is a more resistant material to scratches and other damage. It is also resistant to discoloration, blocks harmful rays and offers more insulating options compared to plastic. Plastic is cheaper and will be harder to break than glass. It will be more easily damaged and will not block UV lights.


When you want to install pitched roof skylights, it is important to choose the right location. You should decide on the room you want to light, such as the guest room and the attic. You will then receive approval from the expert in charge of the works. He will check if the room really meets all the requirements and if a roof light can be installed above that room. Also pay attention to the direction of the windows, because the windows that face north give more light during the year. Also think about the environment so that large buildings or other elements do not block the light. Trees nearby are only desirable for those who live in a warm climate.

Skylight installation

Before any work begins, you should prepare the roof. This refers to measuring the pitch on the roof, because it is important to know this before buying a skylight. Measure the roof and height and calculate the slope. Then mark the place with a pencil and measure the distance between the mark and the underside of the roof. Inside you can mark the place where you want to install the window. You can do this with a hammer to make a small hole in the wall. This way you will have the opportunity to check if you need something in that location such as special wires.

Our recommendation is not to get into big challenges. For example, if you realize that this is not an ideal place for a project, just change it. It is necessary to carefully climb on the roof and remove the shingles. You will do this on each side, but so as not to damage the shingles. That way you will be able to use them again. Finally, set up the rooflight and install the leak protection.


Our recommendation is to leave this job to professionals. Since it is a complex process, it is best for someone who is professional enough to do it. There are a few basic steps in the process and they go in order. First, remove the roof shingles, make a hole in the roof and then modify the frame. If you made a mistake at some step, you would have to stop the project and maybe do it all over again. This would cost you a lot of money, and you might not do it well.

Installation stages

If you still want to do that, know that the installation comes in two stages. While one phase takes place on the roof, the other takes place inside. Of course, it all depends on the characteristics of the roof such as slope, depth and shape. In addition, weather conditions are a significant factor. It is necessary to organize so that the works start during good weather conditions, because this will take several days. It would not be good to be interrupted by a storm, because in that case you would have to pause the project or do it again.

Cut the holes in the roof and install a skylight with several layers of protection. When it comes to work in the interior, it should be ready in half a day. It includes drywall and painting. Another important factor is the type of ceiling in your home. For example, if you have a flat ceiling, we are sure that the work will be much more demanding compared to vaulted ceilings.

Installing a skylight takes careful planning and measuring

If you don’t have experience in similar types of installments, perhaps it’s better to leave your flat roof windows project to professionals. You’ll need proper tools and experience to take all the measurements correctly, especially if you have a highly sloped roof.

After everything, if you’re ready to spend some time researching and planning, installing a skylight by yourself is perfectly possible. As long as you have some experience in building projects, you’ll be able to do it alone.

If, on the other hand, you have no relevant experience with similar installations (like windows for example), we advise you to at least consult with a professional beforehand. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s installation guide as carefully as you can, and invest in a couple of quality measuring tools.

Improper installations can cost you tons of money in the long run

No matter the quality of the skylights, the proper installation is from huge importance for good results in the end. Lousy installations can lead to leakages and irreparable damage to your roof and walls. If you’re not so sure you have the skills to do it properly, call someone who does. In the long run, this can save you from a lot of (potentially expensive) trouble and headaches.

Make sure you find a reliable contractor before you decide to purchase the roof windows themselves. Read up on the relevant reviews and ratings to learn more about the contractor when you decide to hire one.

Overall, getting your skylights properly installed is of the utmost importance. As long as they’re installed according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, it doesn’t matter whether you do it yourself or someone else does it for you. Simply put, it all depends on you and your abilities and knowledge.

Safety should be your primary concern

Climbing onto your roof is a necessary step for every skylight installment. Unfortunately, this could put you at risk of a serious injury if you’re not careful. So, if you don’t have access to protective gear and quality roof-climbing equipment, we advise against doing this yourself.

Professional installers have the necessary skills, tools, and experience that will keep them safe on your roof. If you’re unsure you can keep yourself safe during the installment, simply call someone to do it for you. You’ll completely avoid the risks while enjoying all the benefits of your new roof light!

Final thoughts

To be more confident in your work, try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the purchase of windows. Don’t forget about local building requirements before you start work. People often buy blinds or curtains in addition to skylight, which can be found at the same manufacturer, try it yourself.

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