Roto Pitched Roof Skylight Center-Pivot 54 x 98 cm White Painted Timber Original price was: £429.00.Current price is: £296.82. incl. VAT
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Roto Pitched Roof Skylight Center-Pivot 74 x 98 cm Natural Timber

Original price was: £379.00.Current price is: £253.17. incl. VAT

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Roto creates innovative product solutions that stand out for their precise German engineering and extended durability.

  • Model: R45
  • Type: Center-pivot roof window
  • Insulation: Built-in thermal block (WD)
  • Glazing: Double Standard
  • Operation: Manual
  • Material: Natural Pine
  • Applicable Roof Slope: 15° to 85°
  • Handle: Convenient bottom sash placement
  • Thermal Efficiency: Uw value: 1.3
  • Glass Performance: Ug value: 1.0, G value: 52%
  • Sound Insulation: Rw: 32 (-1; -3) dB

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Roto Pitched Roof Skylight Center- Pivot 74 x 98 cm Natural Timber

Pivot roof windows with built in thermal insulation (WD block)

Enhance your home with Pitched Roof Skylights Center-Pivot, which provide not only aesthetic enhancement but also a significant upgrade to your living environment. Equipped with cutting-edge thermal insulation technology (WD block), these windows excel in energy performance, exceeding that of standard roof windows by 15%.

Advanced Thermal Insulation: WD block technology helps maintain consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures all year, reducing both heating and cooling costs.

Seamless Integration: Engineered to align precisely with your roof's vapor barriers, the WD block ensures an airtight seal, enhancing your home's energy efficiency.


Quality defines our Center-pivot skylights. Every window is finely tuned after installation for a flawless, airtight seal and enduring dependability. Their sturdy build includes three layers of protective timber to shield against environmental conditions, enhanced by dual security grading: third-grade security from the timber frame and top-level fifth-grade protection from the PVC components. With a 15-year warranty, you can be confident of their long-lasting performance and durability.


  • Toughened safety glass (ESG) with hail protection outside
  • Float inside


Our Center-pivot skylights combine functionality with versatility. Available in both manual and electrically operated models, these windows are designed for your convenience and can seamlessly integrate with smart home systems. Their distinctive design ensures safe and easy cleaning and maintenance. With a range of optional accessories and compatibility with R4/R7 roof windows, they offer enhanced options for natural lighting and ventilation to suit any space.

Energy Efficiency​

Attain outstanding energy efficiency with our roof windows, which boast a Uw rating of 1.3 due to the innovative thermal insulation (WD block) they incorporate. This feature significantly improves your windows' energy performance, contributing to a more sustainable living environment by lowering energy consumption.

Install With Ease

Installing our Center-pivot skylight is straightforward and hassle-free. Equipped with pre-installed assembly brackets, skylight coverings, the WD block, and vapor barrier film, they are designed for easy setup. This configuration not only saves valuable time but also guarantees optimal performance and a perfect fit right from the start.


Our skylights are crafted to integrate effortlessly with any architectural design, featuring a contemporary shape and stylish anthracite-metallic color. The sleek appearance is enhanced by the absence of visible screws in the window covering, promoting a clean aesthetic. This thoughtful design ensures seamless integration with the roof, providing architects and homeowners with increased flexibility in their design choices.

Improve the functionality and visual charm of your home

Step into the future with our advanced skylights. Begin your path to a brighter, more eco-friendly home today!


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